Landscape Installation & Maintenance

On most commercial projects, JCR Landscape Services will work from a set of professionally designed landscape blueprints that are provided and updated for us throughout the entire process.   This does not mean creativity and collaboration will take a back seat on commercial projects, because even though most architects provide us with outstanding designs, there are always room for improvements that can greatly enhance the overall look of a project.  Commercial projects are also very time sensitive.  JCR Landscaping Services tries to find a delicate balance between team efficiency & quality, while at the same time, meeting the needs of the owner and/or contractor with which we are working.

Quality is Key

JCR Landscape Services only purchases products from local, reputable nurseries throughout Ohio that place the same emphasis on quality that we do.

After completing your project, JCR Landscape Services will also provide you a cost effective landscape maintenance program that will fit your needs.

• Spring and Fall Cleanup

• Mulching

• Mowing and Landscape Maintenance