Authorized Contractor of Unilock Pavers


As an Authorized Contractor of Unilock paver products, JCR Landscape wants to eliminate the headache of trying to figure out what design works for you. Through Unilock’s innovative 3-D design program, we are able to create your outdoor design using specific dimensions of pavers & wall stone that fits your budget and your property.  We understand the idea of an outdoor escape can be very exciting, but we also understand that what you want and what fits the budget can be two very different things.  Were here to simplify this process down to the exact dimensions, color, pattern, & estimating process.

We have also created numerous outdoor design templates using Unilock products that you can also choose from.  These designs create an instant visual of how your outdoor escape will look on your property.  Customized designs are also available, and depending on the the time of year, these designs can be expedited and sent back to you in a very timely manner.

The Retreat
Simple Elegance
Social Hangout
Patio Envy
The Gathering
Summer Living
Custom Design
If you are looking for your own unique, custom design, we can help. Please contact us to set up a free estimate, and we can begin the process of creating your outdoor living space today!
Disclaimer: All design layouts & cost will be slightly vary depending on yard topography & back door step layout.